More Paintings… 😁❤️

More Paintings… 😁❤️

8×10 canvas
8×10 Canvas
11×14 Canvas
11×14 Canvas

Okay, 4 more are completed.  I need to get more frames to upcycle…. again, these are copyright by me, JJ Kelley… please consider purchase instead of free downloads, as my intent is to raise funds for pet rescue efforts…  THANK YOU!

I have 5 more in various stages of completion. 1 is a commissioned work for a friend… I am doing his on a wood plaque.  Then I have 5 more prepped blanks.  One of my favourite Brits called me prolofic painter.. haha, but I do work well with a bunch of canvases “on the easel”… likened to a Chess Master who plays simultaneous games with students….. the similarity being dry times in between layers drying… lol.

cheers, and thank you for your support!

– Artsy JJ


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