Shoot for Innovations!

Shoot for Innovations!

My April 2019 BlogPost

I’m launching a new Philanthropy Concept!

Fellow photographers and artists:  Now Hear This!:

Recently launching a plethora of new initiatives; Let’s get the Philanthropy movement going strong with our own photos and art!  It’s a WIN-WIN-WIN proposition, and NO ONE is doing this!

Since I paint as well as shoot, I add that to my mix of offerings. So if you know artists, pass this on to them as well.  

  1. Folks Buy YOUR Photos & Art. — You get some $
  2. Folks Donate your art/designs to their favorite Rescue/Shelter — Folks get a donation write-off
  3. Shelters/Rescues get to use this art in FundRaisers! — Shelters get funding to SAVE ANIMALS’ LIVES!

My featured item I am trying to launch this with are my ADOPTION AWARENESS cards. Please share these everywhere you can!

Purchase Link on Doobert’s Rescue Site:  PURCHASE ADOPTION AWARENESS CARDS


Offer to make your Photos into Note Card Sets, Offer Tee-Shirts, Mugs, Wall Art, the BEST part is you can make all those items “to order” (means you don’t need to stock them) and just drop ship them to your buyer’s organization.  I’ve already reached out to organizations in my area and they LOVE this!

I am working on trying to launch some type of “Wish-List” technology that the organizations can put my art on some kind of Wish-List Platform some their would-be donators can simply click to buy that way….  The benefit to that is now the organizations will be promoting my art as well, by posting a wishlist item of the week or something.

My main goal to sharing this is to help SAVE ANIMALS!  I am in early launching stages and if this sparks ideas to you, please share below!  It takes a village but this is a great idea, and I’m CONVINCED it will take on a huge momentum.




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