Piloting Tips: Systems & Checklists

Piloting Tips: Systems & Checklists

Any Airman will tell you: “We love Checklists!”

Well that goes for me also, being a Remote Pilot.   Having a System and a Checklist provides safety, while reducing mistakes or missing equipment.  While a “Checklist” is, in a way, more of an objective item, a “System” can be very personalized to an individual.

I’m going to share my Drone Piloting Gear System with you, in the hopes that it may spark your own ideas to implement or refine a system for yourself.  With a System one can be organized and confidently ready-for-action on a moment’s notice.  I’ll also share my Pilot’s Checklist with you at the end.

What are the main ingredients inside your Gear Bag(s)?

I have 2 Gear Bags, plus a Back-up System

Gear Bag 1: Chair-Pak Gear Bag

IMG_6872     IMG_6873

  1. The Aircraft Unit
  2. The Camera w/Gimbal and [optionally] Battery
    1. If the camera/gimbal is not attached, I will NOT zip the case shut.
  3. The Controller
  4. The Filming SD Card
    1. If the card is NOT in the camera, I will NOT close the camera door
  5. Pilot’s Log Book
  6. Pilot’s License / Drone Registration Card(s) / AMA Card
    1. I make sure I dont get lazy on this one!
      1. If i forget to take my license off after a shoot, and I already have the case packed in my vehicle, I will ABSOLUTELY pull the bag back out and put the license where it belongs.  Right then and there.  I cannot encourage this practice enough.
  7. Hi-Vis Vest
  8. Checklist/Kneeboard
  9. Spare Propellers
  10. Landing Disc-Pad




Gear Bag 2: Flight Gear HP Captain’s Bag

  1. Drone Batteries
  2. DSLR Camera body and lenses
  3. Cell Phone (for critical-to-mission apps)
  4. Writing pens
  5. Spare SD Card(s)
  6. Propeller Tool
  7. Apple Lightening Card reader
  8. Business Cards
  9. Lens cleaners, various DSLR accessories.



Back-up System:

  1. I also carry a back-up aircraft system (Drone/Controller/Camera/Gimbal/Grip) in an original OEM Back-Pack Case.



My Pilot Check-List:  Some is prior to even leaving the studio and some are on location checks.

What are your fail safe practices?  Please share in the comments, and help me and others!


Cheers & Safe Flights,


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