Does Size Matter?

Does Size Matter?

OK, I got that headline outta my system…. hehe…

S,M,L, GiNormous…

Went to CVA Club Field in Williamsburg

on Saturday to fly my GiNormous Karma through some FPV Obstacles on their field.  The video is a lot of fun – enjoy!

CVA is an AMA R/C club and flies a majority of Fixed Wings, R/C (Remote controlled) aircraft and they continue building out their FPV Flying Campus to the left of the runway. Bring your AMA Membership card with you.

When you get to the road, you will enter by a marine company (on right), just past that there are 3 roads, (strait, bear left and a sharp left) take that middle one that “bears” left and through the trees to the field.  If it’s just after a rain storm, bring your “OFF” as the mosquitoes can be incredible since the water table is so shallow.

I can say I broke ground (figuratively AND literally) there by flying a photo drone with a 24″ wing-span on their obstacle course.  Only did a little bit, coz I was sharing the field with 2 FPV pilots John and Randy, and doing ride along’s as they flew.  But I had fun putting together the video above.

I’ll continue to practice. I want to be more proficient and yes, master that sassy 4′-er! Then add the poles, and do some routines by selecting an obstacle path and trying to nail it without a crash or hesitation.  I cant hit them all since two of them the opening are only 2′, which aren’t big enough to fit unless I learn how to fly through at an angle some kind of way, which I wouldn’t put it past me if I get good enough!!!! It’s just Yaw on a Karma is NOT the same as on an FPV Racer… LOL.

My brothers in SOAR FPV VA group are egging me on to get into an acro aircraft, but unless someone donates a setup, that’s not gonna happen right now.

Let me clarify the Lead Photo

Left to right (displayed with their appropriate batteries):

  1. “Tiny Whoop” – usually about 60g and 4″ SQ form factor  HAS A CAMERA
  2. 3″ FPV Quad – Named mostly for it’s 3″ propellers.  Usually about 250g and maybe 7″ SQ  HAS A CAMERA
  3. 5″ FPV Quad – Pictured is a racer so its arms are quite a bit thinner than a non-racer.  Usually about 650g and 10″ SQ.  A Non-racer will have thicker arms, weigh closer to  740g and 11″ SQ  HAS A CAMERA
  4. Karma Quad – More of a Photographer/Cinematographer Aircraft, about 1000g and 24″ SQ.  Oh.. yeah… HAS A CAMERA  hahahahaha.

Well, I’ll head back to that or another field someday soon.  BlueJay’s propellers are all mended.  Since I had brought the 2nd aircraft to the field, I just set the other drone into the air after BlueJay took a tumble….

Cheers and clicks, and Blue Skies,



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