Swampin’ in Louisiana!

Swampin’ in Louisiana!

Sometimes we need to dust ourselves off and NOT put off what makes us thrive. Here’s my current Top Ten:  WHAT’S YOURS?

  1. Glorifying God
  2. Photography/Cinema
  3. Art (Painting)
  4. Flying
  5. Traveling
  6. Rescuing Dogs
  7. My small (and ever changing) circle of friends (Adding new, letting others go)
  8. Giving every last penny of mine to someone, in order to see them smile
  9. Doing things for others without expecting return (ok that’s a tuffy, coz I like the reward of a thank-you in return)
  10. Donating possessions instead of selling them

I’m going the distance until I collapse, or run out of ways to make ends meet.  I simply hAve to be able to sell my art.  I will find the way, and live an adventure trying.  Even some of the most magnificent artists met life’s challenges, their UPs and DOWNs in a way some may disagree with, think foolish, or even idiotic.  I bet they all decided at some point to STOP apologizing for who they are, how they chose to live and just live and die in their Bliss and misery.

That leads me to my Swampin’ in La. post!

At the end of June I had the *intense* pleasure of visiting Atchafalaya Basin (a-CHAH-ful-LIE-ya) and a visit to Avery Island’s Jungle Garden.  Yes – it was humid! :0) and yes there were some nice afternoon storms that passed through 🙂  I stayed at an AirBnB Cabin in Arneadville, LA (ARE-nuh-ville) it was TDF!

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The Avery Island folks let me fly my drone for photos, so I shot a wee bit of footage there, but mostly stills with my DSLR.  Took a quick flight around the cabin I stayed at, and then when I went out boating on the swamp, I used the GoPro Grip for some footage although the primary goal there was stills of nature and the swamp.  I hired Kim at the Atchafalaya Experience Tours–He was amazing and knew that area inside out. I landed a private tour by chance, since it was a slow week due to higher waters. I did scoop up about a dozen keen photos out in the swamp, but really enjoyed the experience most — when I return, I will land more shots I’m sure!  He went above and beyond to assist me in grabbing some great wildlife imagery.

To view and purchase the Nature Stills from my trip:

Please click on this link:  Swampin’ Stills by JJ  Digital Downloads, Wall Art – all purchases all help support me to rescue animals and continue making Art for the world to enjoy!


Here are a few iPhone Happy Snaps from the trip:


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