Big Bear Lake: Beauty-full

Big Bear Lake: Beauty-full

In September of 2019 I had the honour of being invited to Big Bear Lake Camplands in West Virginia.  The Camplands is a private community where property owners and their guests enjoy the stunning views, camping experiences, and abundant amenities.

Each individual camp site is so uniquely set up and decorated, it’s wonderful just to drive around the numerous winding narrow roads on a golf cart and admire (or in some instances question! haha) the decor.  Decorations/landscaping can be anything from sea-themed to camp-themed, sports themed to political themed, and everything in between!

The lake itself is man made, consists of Big Bear Lake, Mother Bear Lake and Baby Bear Lake; the latter two providing filtration into the main Big Bear lake.  I had the pleasure of staying overnight at one of the sites!  Wow! was that fun.  Had my first genuine fire cooked S’More (or S’Moore wink-wink) in probably two or more decades! Amazing southern breakfasts and slept in a cute little cabin to boot. :0)

As for filming, we did the Site Survey AND shooting in the same day.  The mission was to sweep the lake and capture it’s ambiance during sunset.  I enjoyed speaking to many residents who were intrigued by the drone flights.  Wait til they see the resulting video!

Enjoy the Video!

Since watching videos online is always contingent upon bandwidth, I am offering for you to download a copy of the Original file to your laptop desktop or other device to view in full HD resolution at any time, any where!  Please use coupon code: BBVIDEOHD30 and purchase through My Gallery Here — the final cost will be $9, and you can download right away.  (Add the coupon code after you add the video to your shopping cart, and are ready to check out.)  Feel free to always watch it for free on YouTube, or here, or on smugmug when you have the bandwidth to do so!

Here are a few ‘happy snaps’* from my adventure:

Welcomed by Perry! (Pic by J Moore)
Adorable little cabin!
Prepping for S’Mores!
Red Potatoes are my favourite :0)
Griddle Eggs! YUMM…
My S’more *sorry for awful pic!*
Sample decorating
north lite
I saw the Northern Lights! haha j/k
Image courtesy J Moore!
Spot the drone in flight! (Pic by J Moore)
Spot the drone in flight! (Pic by J Moore)

The Camplands have an abundance of wildlife, miles of Biking and Hiking trails, Canoeing, Kayaking, even a seasonal Adventure Park with water rides, and more. They also host a magnificent fireworks display for Independence Day celebrations and craft fairs.  I’ve been invited back for the fireworks weekend :0)

Thanks and see you on my next adventure!

Love and Clix,



*’happy snaps’ is a phrase coined by my good friend Chuck one day while we were having a photo workshop in Lake Anna, VA!  I love that phrase!  Hope you’re doing well Chuck!

PS: This  video was subsequently dedicated to a beloved Big Bear Community sister: Margaret “Peg” Poteet, fondly referred to as “Aunt Peg”  by many community children.  She passed after filming, and before release date.  RIP 1958-2019

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