Wolf Sanctuary of PA (Speedwell)

Wolf Sanctuary of PA (Speedwell)

Wow, is an understatement!  I had the honour of visiting this wolf sancuary in PA, USA back in September this year!  One of my volunteer pet rescue transporter friends Patricia has sponsored adoptions on 3 of the wolves there. Sponsored adoptions help care for wolves at the sanctuary.  Visit their website for more information!

I scheduled a private Photography Tour.  They have different tours types available, and are very concerned about how the schedule the tours so as to be as little impact to the wolves as possible, while still  being accessible and educating the public on their efforts and on the lives of wolves and wolf-dogs.

I was greeted by the collective wolves singing to me and while there is no video allowed, I did record them singing and they are the backing to my slideshow video below.

I have more photos I’m editing, what a joy it was to visit.



Visit my Image Galleries for more photos of the wolves!

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