BlueJ Imagery’s 2020 Calendars: Easy-Peasy & Unique!

BlueJ Imagery’s 2020 Calendars: Easy-Peasy & Unique!

Check out this awesome 2020 calendar template.

First 3 subjects I set up are:

  • Wolves
  • Leeds Castle (UK)
  • and Dog Paintings.

View and Order here (Instant Download $14.95!)

More subject groupings being added: Horses, Birds, NatureScapes, MoonScapes, VA Shore Area, VA Parks, and many more, all from my image collections.

Just order, Print and Hang!

  1. Download the Tiles Gallery you like under the personal-use license.
    1. (Commercial-use license is for businesses buying my art to produce an re-sell)
    2. Once downloaded they are yours forever to print as many times and ways as you like!
  2. Print on any USA letter sized paper.
    1. (Use “best” print setting)
  3. Hang on a clipboard and Enjoy!
    1. (My clipboard was $1 at Dollar Tree Stores and it has a hanger already on it!)

These are my 12 tiles:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I also made myself a matching DIY Appointments Diary!

  1. $1 Dollar Tree Stores mini binder cover +
  2. $2.50 Walmart Mini Sheet Protectors, +
  3. $1 Yellow ruled paper pads


?? Q’s?  Desire something custom? Email Me!

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