Colours! (1st Painting of 2020)

Colours! (1st Painting of 2020)

Well… after donating all my paints by accident (or maybe in haste, lol) last year in Louisiana (woops!), I finally invested in a few paints and a small set of brushes.  I missed painting.


So I had purchased a car tire cover about 2 years ago always with the intent of painting on it, but never did.  a couple months a go I cut some vinyl lettering and art, and installed that, but wasn’t thrilled with it.

FINALLY got inspired

to paint and had in mind what I wanted to paint, so took the vinyl lettering off and painted this.  The mountain-scape is inspired by my cross-country drive of 2016 when I passed through the Grand Tetons in Wyoming & Idaho.


The truck is inspired by my new career choice of course, and well, I’ll always be a Jeep Gal at heart.


The Christ’s cross and American flag are iconic to me as a person, and to me as a professional truck driver.

*Footnote:  If you see this (@JimB of BRCC) I was sure to include the conspicuity tape!!!!  HAHA


Cheers all! and thanks for viewing these pix!

Love and Clix and Paint brushes,




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