Animal Rescue: Video-Photo Story (Josie)

Animal Rescue: Video-Photo Story (Josie)

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Meet “Josie” who was an owner surrender because she was in a home with an elderly dog and was too active for that elderly dog. So at 2 years old, she ended up in a kill shelter! She was subsequently rescued, got fostered for a short time in Utah, and adopted by a family in Massachusetts. This short video story shows you how she got there over the span of 2 weekends of volunteers driving approximately 35 or so “legs” of this relay transport trip.

The Transporting Organization chose Garth Brooks’ “Friends in low places” as a theme song coz Josie is a “low slung” Corgi! *All video stories come out different since it’s a continual challenge for drivers to grab photos in transit –especially when they are driving solo and keeping all their attentions on the safety of the animals being transported. Consider being a “HAND-OFF PHOTOGRAPHER” volunteer – no special equipment required at all! Smart phones are more than adequate, your mission is to let the drivers concentrate on the safety of the animals while you capture their story! Just be at one hand-off location to capture the exchange… SIMPLE! One day we will have photo volunteers at every hand-off on every rescue and tell so many love stories! (See the End Screen for a video on Hand-off Captures)

Most of you know I’m “p♥wsitively inspired by pet rescue”. Well, in addition to being a transport driver & a photographer volunteer, I started making these Video Photo Stories in 2018. They tell a little of the story of how the rescued animals get around the country via volunteer drivers and “Relay Transports”. I began volunteering in 2016 with, which is a platform that provides a unique connection between rescues, shelters, and volunteers who wish to drive, do social media, support local shelters, and countless other activities; the ways to volunteer are endless.  Other Video Photo-Stories can be found by using the search feature.

Love and Clix and Rescued Puppy licks! ♥



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