T Minus 3… (New Trucking Career)

T Minus 3… (New Trucking Career)

Leave for my new Trucking Adventure & Driving Career in 3 days!  Making final preparations and packing/cleaning etc.

Read on if you like to see how an over-organized, neat freak prepares for this new lifestyle!  HaHa

I don’t think I finished my post on Selecting and Applying to my new employer,  Schneider (I have now – it’s here) but I’m in the mood to write this post now, so I’ll go back and review drafts another time… lol…  That’s the artist in me…  Those who don’t blog, may not be aware of how much effort truly goes into good blogging… suffice it to say, these aren’t just quickie social posts — a good blog post will have several links, state sources, have pictures, have an appealing layout, inform, entertain, and be sociable!  Can be lots to organize past just getting the words down on the page.  haha.  Then I sometimes add that audio component (which I still have no feedback on), and probably another thing that I think is awesome, but the world thinks is ridiculous.  My thought behind those is for those who don’t wish to read, and are more visual and auditory subscribers, or want to hear it while driving, or other…. but hey, what do I know, ya?

So, I’m driving my POV (Personally Owned Vehicle) to the orientation site in Charlotte, NC.  There are numerous advantages to this, as I will be able to not only bring what I need for the initial 3 week orientation, but will also have the longer term items for easy moving into my new Truck-House. TeeHeeHee. The POV will be safe in the company’s secure lot, for pick up whenever I get back around there.  I am driving long-haul (OTR) “Over the Road”  I may bring it home right after orientation,  or I may just get started on driving straight away.  All TBD

Initial orientation days:

  1. Backpack of all learning materials/books
  2. Portable/fold-able duffel for bare minimums for the week on the road with the trainer.
  3. Sleeping Bag/sheet/Pillow/Towel – again for the week on the road with the trainer, but also for going solo!
  4. Roller suitcase for the first two weeks clothes and such, which will then be trimmed down to the duffel bag for week on the road with trainer

Then Longer Term (once I go solo)

  1. Crate of Kitchen items (Nonperishable foods/water)
    1. Tuna Packs
    2. Dried Fruits
    3. Nuts
    4. Protein bars
    5. Tea & Hot Cocoa
    6. Applesauce
    7. Jerky
    8. Oatmeal
    9. Canned Fruit
  2. Bin for Condiments (collections occur at every stop in the help yourself bins!)
  3. Bin for utensils / napkins, etc.
  4. Crate for clothes storage
  5. Pail of cleaning items
  6. Pail of toiletry items
  7. Bin of “Electrics”
  8. Bin of “Office Supplies”

Well, all these crates are now labeled, also, once I finished up packing yesterday.

I have already spent the last 3 years, then even more so the last 1 year minimalistically living. If you were challenged to pack your “stuff” up, how much space would it take?  haha!  I am very much so already prepared for living in my new Truck-House. The only things that will be at “home” in VA are 4 tub/crates, A crate of tools, my Jeep travel hitch-carrier — oh and my jeep’s back seat!  Which I only keep for re-sale purposes anyway – it’s never in my jeep. haha.

Well, I hope you will enjoy following my adventures…  I have a couple of pre-printed sheets of address labels for sending some of my close friends postcards from the road. (yes I made labels of their addresses haha) The old fashioned post card; too much fun.

Cheers and Clix and CDL miles to chase,



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