Stop Insulting America! (mini-rant)

Stop Insulting America! (mini-rant)

During CDL-A Trucking School, one of the class directors suggested a trucking publication that, in his opinion, was worth subscribing to.  To be brief, I gave it a try.  I had thought during class he said the subscription was $35-40, but when I looked it up it was $139!  I initially passed on it, but then decided to try it.

Transport Topics is the publication.

To say I was less than pleased is an understatement.  In the 3rd issue I had there was a typo in one of the by-lines.  They were trying to write “Florida” and typed “Florda” instead!  OMGosh…  This is an industry publication, with a typo?  Who is editing this periodical? 

Transport Topics Jan 17th-ish Publication:


Well, I became very disgusted when only two issues later their highest headline had another  error!  I mean this time it wasn’t on Page 24 in a by-line.  Where is their pride in workmanship?  This is appalling to me. I think this (below) was the Feb 3rd issue, but I’m taking no more time to research this again.  They had already asked me to point out the errors I was referring to, and I’m not even on their payroll.  AND they never thanked me for my time in sending them these two photos to point out the mistakes.  I’m of the mindset that they didn’t initially trust my claims of these two occurrences.


I was so annoyed that I wrote a letter to the editor!

Subject: Contact the Transport Topics Editor
Name: JJ Kelley

In a world full of shoddy workmanship, apathetic workforces, I’m so disappointed that such a popular periodical blazes a misspelled headline! It’s not the first typo I’ve seen in your publication either. There used to be extraordinarily high standards from publishers and editors. Not so much anymore, it seems.
How incredibly disheartening.

The exchange that took place after this initial letter was equally disheartening. Very non-professional responses, which only exasperated my dismay.

After pondering the situation I realized I was insulted by this shoddy publication, and not pleased that I contributed $140 to this sub-par periodical.  Why does the mass population accept this horrible business ethic?  AND pay $140 annually for it to boot!?  I know bloggers who take more pride in their blogs, which are free to the masses, but this is an industry and paid publication.

I don’t accept this.

I said as much and requested a full refund and cancellation of my subscription.  They obliged.

image1 (1)


By the By: I found a third typo in the very last edition of my closed out subscription. So sad.

//end rant




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