Labor of Love: My First Book!

Truckin’ with JJ

My First Year: Breaking Into the Industry


Truckin’ With JJ photo book

Interactive 35 pp hardcover photo book with story-shorts and photos.


I’m filled with gratitude that I have been able to put together a 35 page hardcover book filled with photos, story-shorts, and links (QR codes) to selected blog posts, V-Logs, and some of my youtube videos.

I changed professions in 2020 and became a professional Big Rig Driver. Many of you were along for the ride of my journey to getting my CDL-A license and finding employment. I know my blogs stopped after that, but hopefully some of you followed my adventures on FB.

In my never ending drive to share joy and beauty with the world, I compiled this book. My goal is to produce yearly volumes, however, one never knows where things turn and what they can develop into.

I paid out of pocket to have the first batch printed up… so the per book cost is a bit higher than if I had a large run made. I would have loved to have been able to find a publisher, but maybe if it gets around to the right people, that will fall into place. I didn’t have the bandwidth to do all that while concentrating on staying safe and sane in this new endeavor. Im still going to get this book out, even if no one buys it, because, well, that’s just how I roll— but if you can purchase, please consider it. Thank you!

For the most part I will hand these out for free, but for those of you who can afford to reimburse the cost, it will give me seed monies to print more.

They are currently at the printers and should be available in the beginning of March. I love your support, and hope you can purchase some copies and even pass them around after you scan through your own copy. The format is mostly a visual story, where the reader can choose to read little sections if they like, but can still get the idea of things just from the photos, and even at that don’t need to read it cover to cover, although I hope its an engaging delight to do so.

Gotta roll out now. Please use the Buy link above to pre-order your copy.



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