Labor of Love: My First Book!

Labor of Love: My First Book!

Truckin’ with JJ

My First Year: Breaking Into the Industry

I’m filled with gratitude that I have been able to put together a 35 page book filled with photos, story-shorts, and links (QR codes) to selected blog posts, V-Logs, and some of my youtube videos.

You can read my book, or download a digital version By clicking this link:

I changed professions in 2020 and became a professional Big Rig Driver. Many of you were along for the ride of my journey to getting my CDL-A license and finding employment. I know my blogs stopped after that, but hopefully some of you followed my adventures on FB.

In my never ending drive to share joy and beauty with the world, I compiled this book. My goal is to produce yearly volumes, however, one never knows where things turn and what they can develop into.

Gotta roll out now.



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