Trucking Blog Featurette!

Trucking Blog Featurette!

It was quite an honour to be interviewed by my employer’s media team last month. We chatted on the who what where when why’s, and they published a written blog today that they wrote from our interview. They also invited me to participate in a Spotlight Video which is currently being edited by their teams.

My employer’s blog is “Slice of Orange”. The published blogpost is at the URL below. (apologies that it is awkward writing these posts on my tablet, and some features I usually use when I write on my laptop are difficult to track down on this platform)
Thank you ALL for your continued support.

Their blog has an element about my book, too! I’ve started to pass out some soft cover versions, they are 8×6, and have the same content.

Plus I’m organizing the content for my book Volume 2. If you peeked at the epilogue page in Volume 1, well….I decided on transferring to our Tanker Division, and I start training on May 17, 2021, at our Pittsburgh, PA campus! Nervously excited! Here is a glimpse of one of our tanker rigs alongside a dryvan rig. The one on the right is the kind of rig I drive now; 13.5’ height, and 53’ trailer. The tanker rig on the left is closer to 12’ height and 43’ trailer. I’ll learn more, since different style tankers are for different style commodities.

Tanker rig on Left, Dry Van rig on Right.

Well, I write you from New Hampshire tonight. Brought a haul from Oklahoma over here to two local camping stores in NH and ME. Heading to NY next, and then they are working me around to end up in NC where I will bid adieu to Trinity III, and get off to my next chapter at Schneider!

Love and Smiles as I churn out miles,




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