Schneider: Above & Beyond

Schneider: Above & Beyond

Howdy once again… how are y’all doin’? Thanks for stopping here to view this post. I’ve started putting together a collection of a series of aerial shots I’ve taken at various company operating centers that I visit around the country. I use my recently acquired Mavic Mini2, which shoots in RAW+ .jpg, and films in up to 4K resolution. Since I do not have my powerful laptop, I don’t edit much film, but take a good handful of stills, and have several ideas on imagery I’d like to capture.

The operating center where I park my POV in Carlisle, PA actually has some of these displayed on the wall in the main café! I printed some off in my truck, and had a local Walmart print that big 20×30 poster.

Please enjoy the collection so far…

That’s it for the moment. Schneider has around 30 operational centers (OCs), ranging in size and amenities offered. Amenities include parking, showers, free laundry, TV rooms, education/training rooms/programs, business centers, cafés, quiet rooms, gyms, vending, free ice machines, service shops, wash bays, Physical Therapy by Atlas, and various support and management teams for driver’s services.

This was one reason I applied to Schneider a year and a half ago; these OCs are a great value-add when we are out on the road!

More pix to come your way soon :0)

Til then, please be kind to each other!



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