Doin’ a 180…

Doin’ a 180…

Good Morning all! How are things in your world today? I appreciate you taking a peek at this post. I’ve been trying new artsy things as I still adjust to life as a Long Haul Trucker. Been at it a year and a half now, wrote an interactive book about my first year, and getting ready to try flatbed trucking next week.

so this quick blog post is a new video thing I am trying out. It’s meant to be uplifting. A short video slideshow of some of my photography, accompanied by 3 Bible verses. The 180 is the 180 seconds of the 3 minute video. :::shrugging shoulders::: thought 3 minutes was a fair ‘test’ length.

well, enjoy, and drop a comment here or on my YouTube channel.

You can view direct on my YouTube channel through this link:

Please be safe in all you do. Speak life to people. The simplest compliment or genuine thank you can make a huge difference to someone who aches on the inside.

thanks again; it’s great to see you here

Blessings, Love, and Light,



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