Book Links Vol. 1

Book Links Vol. 1

Okay, got my book Volume 1 into a YouTube video share.

Since many may view it on their phones, they will be unable to scan the QR codes which take you out of the book and out to my YouTube channel, other Blog Posts and V-Logs, so I created this page assemble all the links on one page.


Baja Racer Driving Excursion Video

Trip to Stonehenge in the United Kingdom:

Motorcycle GoPro Video from CA (2016)

Off-Grid Video Short from Lake Moomaw, VA.

Video of my Dragon as a young guy;

Option A on trying to get my CDL-A

Blog post on passing CDL-A test:

CDL License Graduation Post Video

CDL Post Graduation Looking for a job now:

Training & Orientation at Schneider:

Featurette in Blue Ridge Community College Newsletter:

Featurette on Schneider’s Blog:

To view or download the book pages please visit:

I continue to build Volume 2, however it is a very slow go, as I am repeatedly moved in different directions on it! I patiently add bits and pieces each time I am moved by God’s inspiration. I will tell you this: It has been a very exciting and surprising second year!

Cheers and love, and gratitude for your interest and support,



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