I Digitized My Book :0)

I Digitized My Book :0)

Greetings All, how is your world this week? It’s Thanksgiving week 2021. I wish you a Blessed Thanksgiving. I digitized my first book, so that those who hadn’t gotten a copy of it can still enjoy it.

Additionally, my friend helped assemble an Adobe Reader file of it!!

Hope you enjoy this Volume! If you wish to chip in for some of the costs I’ve laid out for these books, please do so here. All funds go to help fund books for those who may not have a way to purchase one. I never like money to stop folks from cetrtain things, and I do what i can with no expectations, but since many of my friends like to help I use this as a way to help get these out as far and wide a reach as possible! And for this I and so many others have gratitude for your generosity, whether $1 or $10, or even more, it is all appreciated.

Chip-In for printing cost past , present, and future!

Using the quantity button, chip in as much as you’d like. Your gift is so appreciated by me and those who may not be able to chip in much, if even at all. As a labour of love, I just would love to sese this book reach as many as may have an interest in it or may be inspired by it in some kind of way.


Book 2 is releasing in February of 2022

Secondarily, I made a brief YouTube video of it!

Okay that’s all for this super-quick post.

Gotta get some sleep!




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