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October Photo Collection!

October Photo Collection!

Greetings from WA State!… I thank you for visiting with me once again, and hope things in your world are pleasant, and that you continue to believe yourself to be the strong person that you were created to be.

My trucking career has entered a Flat-Bedding phase which now lets me travel all 48 states; It’s this part of trucking that I dreamed of when entering this industry, and it only took me a year and a half of learning and growing and perseverance to get here! Not bad I must say :0)

I have embarked on a new project to bring my journeys across the states to you in pictures on a more regular basis, and in two ways:

  • Photo-Video Stories (through uploads to my YouTube channel)
  • Collections of stills and clips (through uploads and exclusive links to my SmugMug Galleries page.)
    • This option lets you look at the photos in greater detail, or slower, too.

I always delight in trying to bring beauty to others and to Glorify God in my actions.

This is the first month embracing this new project, and I’m kicking it off with my photos from my 2021 October Journeys. Please enjoy the photo collection(s) in the way most pleasing to you. I have deleted my accounts on facebook, so this is the “new” way for me to be a part of your lives and share with you.

For October I actually made two video stories, one of photos from the road, and one of time out of the truck. The stills collection is just one Gallery Collection.

There are two ways to receive notifications when I upload a new video or new blog post.

  1. Usually I upload to YouTube first, so SUBSCRIBE to my YouTube channel there.
  2. Second you can join here on my website by clicking a SUBSCRIBE button as well. To find that one depends what device you are using. It’s very intuitive on a laptop and tablet, but might need to hunt a bit on a mobile phone. Ahhhh technology, ya?

I will continue to get these collections uploaded for months past, but I’m still creating them! haha. Projects on the road take a lot longer, since I’m behind the wheel so much. In fact, what used to take me 1/2 a day can take me almost a week or more to finish! AND that took me over a year to get accustomed to, believe it or not.

I wish to all a blessed Christmas. Celebrate it in a way that is meaningful to you, but most of all please remember how Christmas came into being in the first place. While Jesus Christ was not born in December, this holiday is in fact a celebration of His birth. It’s truly not about stresses of “getting a shopping list done, on time and within budget.” No diss if you celebrate that way, but

The true gifts to give another can not be purchased and therefor do not require any money whatsoever.

J Kelley circa 2021

Blessings, Love and Light to all.



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