Thankful for Friends!

Thankful for Friends!

Greetings everyone! I wanted to recognize some personal friends, as they will also be appearing in my book, Volume II. In my book I will include a QR Scan code linked to this post, so folks can ‘read further’ if they like! My book is DONE by the way! I am in process of tidying it up and remaining edits phase, and it should publish by February. I’m beside myself again that this book follows up Volume I.


I’m abundantly blessed to still enjoy visiting with this handsome fella from time to time. (We were married for several years). We keep in contact via text regularly. He is a Spiritual and Godly rock in my world, and I guess certain connections just withstand all forces.

Ella – Blue Willow Farms

My Dear Friend Ella! She is a Champion Equestrienne and currently teaches horseback riding lessons and workshops at her farm! Now, her students are winning champion ribbons and place ribbons in their classes! She is an amazing example of strength and courage, and has a seemingly unquenchable thirst for knowledge, has master’s degrees, is well-trained in equestrian massage and canine therapies, plus an extensive and eclectic variety of other talents and passions which include her being a schoolteacher, private pilot, and owning a regional airport education school a while back. Is it any wonder why her and I became friends?!


As you may or may not know I spent quite a few years fulfilling my passions for Animal Rescue. Well, I met some extraordinary souls along the way. Robin is one of these blessings. She even came out on a “dark and stormy night” to meet me as I drove through her area of the world (WV) AND this self-proclaimed non-cooker baked me a Yummy Treat Tray! Love to you my Dear Buddy!

Photo Credit: K Hemetek


KK-Kins (Kristin) is my All-Time Red Lobster Buddy! She is in the health field, has amazing children and two horses named Jack & Grant. Jack boarded at Ella’s Farm for a bit, but I’ve yet to even meet Grant!

Bill & Joyce

While I met Bill at an AMA Airfield on an adventure with my photo drones, we share more than just an enjoyment in remote and model aircraft flying. His passion for animal rescue is emanated here in this as he volunteers and teaches in raptor rescues. He also turned me on to Basic Necessities, the best French Bistro this side of France, nestled in Nellysford, VA. I recently enjoyed brunch with Bill & Joyce, and we grabbed a photo with brilliantly talented curator/proprietor Kay. To this day I love watching an impromptu video I made when I visited their airfield. It’s of a pair of pilots flying (dueling) with tethered aircraft. If you’ve never seen tethered aircraft flights, you HAVE to watch the video – it’s stunning and fun!


These two rascals are my greatest Parisienne Beauty’s two current doggies Junie Moon and Maverick. Patricia loves beagles and has the biggest heart for rescuing senior dogs. Rescuing seniors who have lost their homes is a tough thing, as they often need additional care, and they are not with her very long as they are in the twilight of their years, but Patricia sacrifices much to give them the love for as long or as short so they can go to the Doggy Rainbow knowing love. She also rescues wolves via Adopting them at The Wolf Sanctuary in Lititz, PA

Jeff, Cassie, Maddie, Audrey, and Russell

Jeff is a prior colleague I’ve stayed in contact with. He’s been a steadfast supporter of all my crazy art endeavours. His wife (who works with raptor rehabilitations) and 3 children are all awesome, and most recently I had the opportunity to show their son how some things on my tractor work and function. What is it about teaching a young boy about truck stuff that is so much fun??!! Beyond words. :0)


My Gal Sheryl! She was my supervisor at a previous vocation, (project accounting!) and we had become great friends. She even hosted me when I drove to Florida in 2018 to swim with dolphins! She’s such a giving soul with a Godly personality, has a passion for jogging,/running, and her hubby is a talented (and popular) music man!


Sarah was the prompting force that nudged me to make these books. We have been friends for over 30 years! She is married and has an amazing son and is another woman of eclectic and varied talents. I just had to show off her most recent creation in wood here!



A very good friend David and I share a love for Drone Flight. We met a few years ago at a drone club in Williamsburg, VA and we visit when I drive through his area. Mourning the passing of his mum has been a tough go for him, but his spirituality provides him with strength to celebrate her life and continue on this earth. I purchased trees from the Audubon Society to be planted in celebration of the extraordinary woman that she was on this planet.

Al & Sita, Mick & SallyAnne, and Paul & Moya.

My UK comrades! I met these blokes years ago when I had my chopper and was part of a bike specific group. Knowing them for years virtually, I had the honour of meeting them in person along with their ladies (sans Moya) while on holiday in Europe. We continue to be in touch often. Love you guys! xx

Donna & Chuck

My friends Chuck & Donna came for a visit at the Farm! Donna LOVES Horses and she gave Capone 7 (one of Ella’s champion show horses) a little grooming!


My friend Chip (on the right below) I have known since kindergarten. LOL! I played keyboards and sang back-up vocals in a post-high school band with him on bass. He has gone on to be prominent in a computer related field and quite active in the music industry, and while I haven’t seen him since waaaaay back then, we shared stuff on social media for a time. (I quit social media recently). This was my favourite photo of him and another musician.


This is another smashing Author/Artist/Creator, with an eclectic history (and future) of accomplishments. I have the distinct pleasure of still getting to know her. Lynne designed and built a cottage on her 80 some odd acre property in Schuylkill County, PA for an AirBnB space to let. The artistic touches inside remain almost limitless, and grow each time I visit there. My recent hummingbird spread is from my first visit there. She also penned a fun fictional work which I read on the road, and is planning a second build called The Owl House for another rental unit. These builds are her most recent outlets to channel beauty amongst the chaos that surrounds her (and all of us, yes?). cheers and look forward to another afternoon chat on the porch!

I have had so many friends share a season in my life. They come, they go, but they all leave a footprint. I am very introverted, and I find myself keeping a very small ‘active’ circle at any given time. That doesn’t mean that I don’t think of those that I may not be in current contact with.

Running along now!

Cheers to all and Happy New Year!




    1. You’re funny! But wouldn’t that be a hoot! And I’d love to see y’all. We could all fit at my friend’s farm She’d get a kick outta ya and you’d enjoy the various animals, not to mention property and walking opportunities. Cheers xx

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