A Brilliant 2022…

I greet you from Orlando, FL this happy start to 2022. How did you celebrate the onslaught… err…uhhh… I mean oncoming of this fresh new year? TeeHeeHee… I wish I could speak to more of you more often as I adjust to my decisive abandonment of social media. While I’m pleased to get out of that muckiness, it does leave me at a disadvantage for communications with some of you. I will press on. Sometimes we just need to follow those inner instincts – we each have our own ways, and life is not a One-Size-Fits-Most endeavour.


I’m thrilled to report that the edits are now complete, and Book Two will be headed off for printing in the coming week.

Here is the final cover:

The hardcover edition will be available in February and the smaller softcover editions will be a month or two after that. I still have the distro list from my first edition, so I’ll begin preparing postage labels. You are the ones who make this possible, as God inspires me through your voices and support. In spite of (or actually because of) the challenges of year two, I hopefully emerge a better truck driver and contributor to the industry.


RESERVE ONLY: Truckin’ with JJ Book 2

I’m trying to anticipate the printing quantity of Book 2. For those who can contribute to print costs, please use the second button. If you just wish to merely reserve now, please use this button $1.00



CONTRIBUTE: Truckin with JJ Book 2

Limited Hardcover Edition. 8 1/2 x 11, full color. 27pp


In Gratitude, your truckin’ buddy,




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