Horsin’ Around!

Morning all! I survived and wiggled between the VA storms, now headed to deliver in CO, NM & AZ. Bang out 2900+ by the time I’m done. Hopeful to capture some fresh sights for you. I’ll leave you with a fun video I created right before I started Truckin in 2020. I’ll be sure to post some more of my cinematic videos over the next few weeks from when I was flying more that year as well.

Or view it through my YouTube channel:


Enjoy and be safe.


  1. Bill Sykes

    JJ, that is a beautiful video, very professional and classy. I always enjoy your blog posts, photos, and videos – amazing stuff. Keep them coming, and sign me up for a copy of your second book too. I’ll buy lunch next time at our fave bistro, whenever the he!! that may be LOL. Be safe, and Happy Belayed New Year!

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