gLORRY Days…

gLORRY Days…

Well, Good Morning Friends! Where’ve you all been? haha I know, I know it is actually I that disappeared – chalk it up to my artist personality type.

Did ya’ll know in the United Kingdom tractor trailers are call Lorries? –Singular Lorry– hence the title for today’s post.

No… I didn’t disappear to the UK, but I have officially moved back to the farm in VA… Yaye! Horses, Doggies, Goats, Parrot, Ponies, barns, surrounding crops, surrounding cows and my friends.

New Plant!

Latest Video!

Please enjoy my latest “Truckin’ with JJ” Video-SlideShow of scenery out west plus other tidbits.

In Other News:

So, what’s the latest for Truckin’ with JJ? Well, biggest news is that I am now off the road and moved back to the farm in Virginia. This means no more long-haul trucking. The plan is to still drive commercially part-time (switching to local routes), freelance with writing, art, photo, cinema, and then hopefully apply for a driver instructor position. As for Schneider? Well… my resignation has been tendered. No bridges burned there I assure you.

I went to Schneider right out of CDL School armed with:

  • CDL-A Commercial License
  • Tanker/Hazmat Endorsements
  • TWIC Credential

I come away two plus years later with:

  • 186,000 accident-free miles
  • No preventable accidents
  • No pops for drug or alcohol violations
  • Two Zero-Violation Roadside DOT Inspections
  • DryVan, Tanker, and Flatbed experience
  • Long-Haul Experience
  • Teaming Experience
  • Documented record of 8.2 MPG average Dry Van
  • Documented record of 7.9 MPG non-skirted spread axle Flat-Bed.
  • Public Relations Driver Spotlights

Plus I Authored Two Interactive Books while on the road!

My Truckin’ with JJ books have been fun, and I will make a third for this new chapter. I’ve been blessed to be in a position to write them, self-publish them (with a few of my friends chipping in dollars for part of the printing costs — THANK YOU!) These books are, in my opinion, very innovative because by using QR scan codes, I invite readers out of the book to view my You Tube Channel, where I’ve uploaded almost 80 video slideshows of photos and adventure from the road, and my website where they can read other stories and anecdotes contained in my blog writing.

Click for the Adobe PDF Version of book 1.

Book 2 on PDF is in the works also.

Must be on my way for now…

Wishing you all a Happy Memorial Day Weekend. Please be good to yourself and kind to others. Tip: the latter will help with then former! :0)

10-7 for now, but thanks for visiting!



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