Me. Artist.

Me. Artist.

Greetings one and all! TGIF to those who have weekends, haha… I hope you are all doing well. A friend with a new hip is practically running a marathon, some are beach bound for 10 days, while others are camp-bound. What are YOU up to lately?

I wanted to share my FIRST art piece that I’ve done in about 2 1/2 years! You won’t believe it, but the horse owner’s mom just bought it from me today! My gal Ella couldn’t resist showing it to her, and she loved it! How exciting for me as an artist. I tell folks all the time, the creative trends I engage in (photo, cinema, painting, writing, among other stuff) is all God-Given talents.

I humbly thank Him today for reminding me even with my physical and mental quirkiness He uses me to beautify things.

Glory to God

The artwork is an 8 1/2 x 11 original watercolor. I am presenting it in an 11×14 matt with 8×10 opening, hopefully this will make a nice impression and provide easy framing options for the buyer.

Above is my muse of the day – “Pebbles” – with her portrait. She is an adorable pony that has recently come to the farm for some sort of training.

As for my other goings on lately…

I’m happy to chime in that I’m through orientation at my new driving gig, and 99% settled in back at the farm. That was a busy May for me transitioning not only to come off long hauls FT, but since my employer had no gigs to fit my new needs, I bid them adieu, and upon a visit with my CDL School’s Transport Program Director, started off in a new direction in my career path! It completely segwayed into book 3’s proposed title of “The Roads Diverged”.

The remainder of 2022 has me:

  • Driving Big Rigs part time (local routes) for IDF Trucking, an amazing local trucking company, while
  • Working part time at the farm,
  • Freelance Artistry
  • Energy & Bodywork: Reiki and CranioSacral Therapy
  • Plus a small bookkeeping gig!
  • In the third quarter of 2022, I’m hoping to transition down the driving even more, and flourish as a CDL-A Instructor (That piece I’ll keep Ya’ll posted on!)

So, changing my complete lifestyle from life on the road as a long-haul driver, to being home, resigning from my first trucking employer, moving from where I was for the job (stationed in PA) back to Ella’s farm in VA, re-settling, securing new employment… it’s been a bit stressful, a bit busy, yet very exciting!

I hope to get back into some pet rescues again, or at least some of the relay transport photography I began in 2018 and had to abandon when I went into long-haul trucking in 2020.

Looks like I’ll be heading out Sunday night on my first load for the new trucking company. Not sure at the moment where the load is headed, but I’ll have details before I roll.

I hope y’all have a great weekend. Cheers and Thanks again for stopping by!




  1. Bill Sykes

    JJ, I was on the cusp of sending you some positive MoJo, as I had not heard anything in some time. Of course, reinventing yourself once again took some time. You rock, lady, sounds like the new multiple gigs will be perfect for you. I never knew you were such an accomplished paint artist! And, of course, returning to the Old Dominion sets up nicely for a great catchup lunch at our favorite bistro!

    Remind me where the farm is, I’d love to drop out that way sometime when you are off the road.


    1. Brilliant! I think of you guys more often than I could state. The farm is outside of Staunton, and a visit would be absolutely splendid! You could tie it into one of your volunteering days at the Raptor Rehab center in Waynesboro. I’ll drop you an email. And yes! Nellysford is going to be a must! Thx for your comment and stopping by my posts. Best, -JJ

  2. Robin

    Ur painting is beautiful!!! And ur still gonna b my badass trucker buddy!!! Hope ur future holds everything u want out of life. Love you bunches ♥️♥️

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