The Roads Diverged

The Roads Diverged

I greet you all once again in wonderful spirits, and send good thoughts and good tidings to all!

My Truckin’ with JJ series books are now on Volume three, which should publish in early 2023. I have begun its outline, and it will summarize this year featuring the same interactive setup as my first two editions with scan codes that take the readers from the book to my YouTube channel and my website for additional cinema and photo content!

The writing of these volumes has always been God-driven and hopefully been a tool to Glorify Him by inspiring people in various ways. Helping new truckers; reminiscing for seasoned truckers, vicariously bringing the USA to non-truckers, and edifying folks to follow their dreams; no matter what their chosen paths and aspirations are; just to go, to be, and to do that which brings them joys, no matter how much they may trip, or fall!

I saw a sign today that read:

Nothing is impossible; the word itself states I’m Possible!

Not known

In my personal walk with God, this is biblical with various scriptures, like chapter 19, verse 26 in the Book of Matthew: With God all things are possible.

The titling of Volume Three was two-fold. The first was born from my decision to change my trucking career path from Over-The-Road (long-hauls) to be home on a daily or several-times-per-week basis. I was open to work in office (dispatch) or other local/dedicated route driving. However, my [now former] employer did not, nor could not meet this need, which unfolded the second part of divergence which was resigning from Schneider. I was a bit heartbroken at the time, because I respect the company as very innovative but being a mega carrier, they have limitations to really be about The Driver. I know the soul of Schneider wants to find a way, to incorprate that connection but they are not there yet. They may get there someday, since they, like me, persevere to reach their goals no matter how many times they fall.

In the next book you will read about some of the actions and incidents which lead me to decide that I needed to get off long-haul driving, and ultimately leave Schneider National trucking company.

My last voyage in “Trinity” (most of you know this is the fond name I gave my truck) took me from NJ & MD across the US to Oakland, CA, then right back to NJ and ended in PA where I cleared her out for 2 weeks of PTO (paid vacation) and a short leave before resigning June 1st.

So, I leave you with a few photos from that trip west, mostly just Wyoming and Utah, because I was beyond defeated at this point and not hardly doing much photo or cinema. I saw The Salt Flats for the first time, and also the Golden Gate Bridge. The Salt Flats I passed a few times during my 186,000 early career miles, but it was always in the dark hours. This time I got to see them because when I passed it was daylight!

Please enjoy and keep an eye out as I begin the next chapter of my trucking with a wonderful local trucking company, and life — outside of trucking — at Blue Willow Farms. Reconnecting with friends, restoring my spiritual, mental, and physical well-being, and resuming my freelance art. I aspire to step into a Commercial Driving Instructor role in the fall, and to also help grow a Bed & Breakfast at my friend’s farm.

What kinds of things are on your horizon? As the world wreaks havoc upon one another, please share how you cope with your outrage, your disbelief, and any feelings of despair. Above all, and if nothing else, please share an encouraging word in the comments to others who may stumble across this post and need an uplifting word…

Cheers! And a humble “thank you” for stopping by again to share time with me.




  1. Your 186000 miles has left me tired just thinking about the endless tarmac and wondering how I’d have coped! Would the scenery have dominated my mind or the endless road network spread over huge distances like the nervous system of a huge unimaginable living being, with my truck being a protein bringing sustenance to some other part of it’s body. I guess your mind just wonders on those journeys, time to meditate and ponder. Wishing you all the best for the next chapter, which I know will be replenished. Time to regain the balance with your creative routes (roots) as well as those tarmac ones!

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