Good morning, afternoon, evening to y’all. How are things in your world today? In eastern USA we are enjoying quite a mixture of weather types. Is it like that where you are, as well?

I was reminded of a scripture last week as I rattled my Big Rig up a very curvy state route 29 through Lovingston, VA. I rolled into a storm that, at first, made me think a landscaper’s load of yard clearings had taken a spill. Meaning there were branches, clumps of leaves, and other tree debris scattered over the roads. It progressively became ‘worse’ and then wind gusts kicked in as well as periods of sustained high winds. I was lumbering (pun intended) northbound with a 40,000 pound payload, up hills at 20-25mph, and down hills kicking on the jake brake intermittently to keep her under control. I saw the lightening and imminent rain running off to my left, and wondering if I was going to “skirt the storm” or hit bits of it. I had a favourable pulse on the road conditions, so I was quite comfortable continuing on. I caught a glimpse on the southbound side of the highway of stopped traffic…tree(s) had fallen across the lanes. I was, of course, now contemplating the storm’s growing magnitude and adjusted my driving accordingly. About five miles further, yet another set of downed trees blocking motorists on the southbound side. I continued trekking northbound hoping I would not be hindered getting back to the yard to relay my cargo. At one point the storm was pelting my tractor with random airborne leaf clumps and lightweight branches, but I safely continued. I’ve had a variety of storm driving experiences, and pretty much know (through my gut) when to stop and when I can press on; not in a complacent way, mind you, but short of a tangent, I’ll just leave it at that; I wrote a blog post once on weather driving.

About 20 minutes later, I could see the end of the storm, several miles north, so I kept on, but felt empathy for those south bounders since all told there were five roadblocks spaced out on their path. I, on the other hand, made it through with all but one branch blocking half of a lane which I easily navigated around. To express my gratitude was the least I could do, ”Thank you, God!”

Thus says the LORD, who makes a way in the sea, and a path through the mighty waters.

Isaiah 43:16

I successfully reached bright sunshine near the intersection of I-64 and SR-29, in Charlottesville, VA, where I thankfully and smoothly continued my journey, sauntering up and then zooming over Afton Mountain, back to my employer’s yard in Shenandoah, VA. //end short story…

I leave you now with several fun and hopefully beautiful-to-you photos of my latest goings on.

Until next time… be well, and be kind… not just to others, but to yourself, too!!!

Don’t forget — you can tap/click on these to bring them up larger, scroll, and see any captions… Cheers!

Here are 6 of the current horses at the farm:

And just a few last random images…

Thanks again for stopping by to share a moment with me and view some of my photos.


p.s. a video is in the works, too! :0)


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