HorseShow at Blue Willow

HorseShow at Blue Willow

Morning friends! Quick post just linking to a short YouTube video I made and uploaded from the weekend.

There was a teaching horse-show at Ella’s farm, I was around so I just captured some bits, and tossed em into a video. Enjoy!


JJ xx


  1. Bill Sykes

    Another amazing piece of cinematography, JJ. That video perfectly captured the joy and excitement that comes when kids and horses get together. Bravissimo! I really, really want to get out there sometime for a visit!

    1. Thx Bill! Your visit is most welcomed! Brunch on deck with BYOW… :0). Thank you for your lovely comment, and we’ll be getting Basic on the calendar in the next few weeks as well!

      Best to you and your leading lady.

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