Download My Books!

Download My Books!

Welcome again, my friends, to my blog! I’ve been a bit quiet since August, as I have been transitioning in my employment roles. Coming off the road in June of 2022 was a huge change, and truth is– I’m still adjusting! lol. None-the less, and almost twenty pounds trimmer, I am currently driving a big rig on semi-local routes part time, plus teaching new driver-hopefuls at a local college’s Commercial Driving Program so they can get their CDL-A licenses!

What are you all up to in your corners of the world? My United Kingdom contingent… California… WV… other states around the US of A?

Well, this is a short post I scribe while I sit at the auto-shop as they work on my Jeep this morning. I “finally” got my second book scanned in and my WV Buddy was able to wrap it into a PDF file for easy view/download. I now have both books online and fear book three has taken many-a-turn this year, so not sure if I will have that one completed too soon, but enjoy Books 1 & 2 in the meantime…

Hope those links work for y’all!

Blessings and Love to ALL my friends– those still here and a special prayer for the family and friends of a truly special trucker friend who just passed away last week. Lael: You will be sorely missed by me, and many more who truly loved you. Enjoy your home in Heaven. Lael was my Go-To Guy for all things trucking with his 24+ years in the industry. Never left a text of mine unanswered, except my very last one. His brother notified me of his passing, as he went through some of Lael’s recent text messages.

This is Lael and his Best Driving Buddy “Axel”:

Hope all gave thanks on this Thanksgiving, for all things difficult, easy, and in-between.

Cheers and love,

Miles and Smiles,

and thanks for joining me again! -JJ

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