Goshen Pass, VA

Goshen Pass, VA

Happy New Year, good friends! I pray you all enjoyed a blessed Christmas celebration of Christ, and that your 2023 is off to a good start? Any wintertime trips planned? Do share them in the comments!

I enjoyed a short drive in the recent warm snap to Goshen Pass, VA. There was still some ice in shadowy spots of the river, and it was nice to see. The park boasts a pretty cool swinging bridge, but I didn’t walk across, just a bit onto it for some photos. It will be a nice Go-to Park come spring, but I sometimes stay indoors more in the winter season here on the Mid-Atlantic areas.

Flying my DJI Mini 2 Drone… :0)

Well, I’m looking forward to hearing about all your joys and hopes for your 2023.

As for me? I’m newly employed in a super job! I am back out on the road, but a new twist of driving for Walmart’s Private Fleet. It’s quite a different pace from driving for freight carriers. Driving in the Private Fleet is a welcomed change, and quite a blessing. I start solo next week. It’s a scheduled regional driving role, very good pay, perks, and benefits. More on that to come in a separate post.

Y’all take care now, ya hear? Love and light to all my friends and followers, past-present-future.

God rewards His children. We see that daily in our lives. Our stories all have joys, pains, and trials, however when we maintain our faith, and a spirit of gratitude, He guides us through these, and we continue to grow in courage and strengths.

I encourage everyone to remain in faith today, whether you’re happy, sad, or in any other particular emotion and not understanding the “why’s” of it, He will make it clear to you.

Blessings across the miles! And thanks for visiting with me this morning!




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