Grand Caverns, VA

Grand Caverns, VA

Wow! I enjoyed a 2 mile walk-about at Grand Caverns in Weyers Cave, VA the other day.

What have all my friends been up to lately? I hope the beginnings of your 2023 have been sprinkled with blessings!!

So…. These caverns were very nice, and the tour host was pleasant, and conscientious. I recommend this property as an unusual visit since they have more than your average cave tour. From climbing, crawling, spelunking and more, something for all—over the age of 3. Haha. They even host weddings and have music shows and dances in their grand ballroom — yes, that ballroom is IN the cave!

The cave has some presidential histories as well. I won’t spoil these bits, so take a visit of their website. If you visit Shenandoah Valley, VA, keep this on your list of caverns to visit. There are many caverns around this area, and while this may not be the fanciest, as far as the grounds go, it is rich in much else.

Just a few photos to share…

The cavern…

You can click on any of the photos in the galleries if you are on a mobile phone to scroll through the pictures (better view).

I know I still owe ya’ll the latest on my driving career — what an amazing new path I am on there!

I pray you are all able to find beauties even during times of pain or calamity, and I’m very grateful that you stopped by for a visit to my site!

Have a blessed day,




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