Greetings all! I hope this latest post finds all in good spirits!

I am declaring my “jigsaw puzzle season” over for 2023. At least on stand-by, now that the weather is warming up—more outside time of late, and meals with a few of my friends. BUT! that means I get to show you the 10 puzzles which Ella and I put together this wintery season! Some quicker than others, and I’d say four or five were abandoned for being too challenging, and our madness to be able to move forward! Haha. I’ve framed and hung six of these on walls in my loft.

I’m going to do Hot Air Ballooning this year. :0)

(Click on any image below to open the gallery for easier viewing if you are on a mobile)

We did have fun with these!! Enjoy them, and cheers for Spring is springing! The cherry blossoms are in full bloom as north as Roanoke, Virginia, and the lush green colours of the grasses and cherry blossoms in North Carolina were magnificent to drive by… Hope all are enjoying the early teases of spring.

Peace to all, and Chat soon!

Love, Miles, Blessings and Smiles,




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