Culture Museum

Culture Museum

So happy to see you all again! Hope things are better than awesome in your world this week, but if not, I send you prayers, and comforting thoughts for you to believe in your inner strengths, and your Godly support to prevail over any evils dappling your world.

To that end, here’s hoping some photos from a recent visit I made to a local Culture display, or museum, might bring a smile to all, and inspire something within you.

The Frontier Culture Museum is the biggest open-air living history museum in the Shenandoah Valley, as well as one of the highest rated family-friendly attractions and one of the top tourist destinations in Virginia.

Costumed historical interpreters show the life and customs of the indigenous Native American tribes in Virginia, the arrival of the German, English and Irish settlers along the Great Wagon Road, and the painful journey of the enslaved Africans to the first permanent British colony in North America. Visitors may also interact with a blacksmith at an Irish Forge, woodworkers, tailors, and yarn spinners, and learn how the early settlers of America cooked and worked the land.

Museum’s Intro

This Museum is a walking (or rent a golf cart) display of some American heritages. Located in Staunton, Virginia, the low fee gets you a day’s pass, and you can self-tour, or enjoy the staff which are dressed in period clothing and will answer all your questions and give audible tour-guide type talks in the buildings. There are also group and school tours available.

Basically, seemed like African, German, English, Irish, and Native American heritages dominated the terrain. I rented the golf cart and just tooled around a bit, enjoying the brilliant sun and cool displays. A local school group of about 30 young students were visiting, and some families with children, as well as seniors. There’s more to this property than even I enjoyed, so visit their web site to enjoy all they offer.

Always remember, you can click on the images in these galleries to view ethe full (uncropped) imagery and scroll through them easier.

African American Gallery

Other areas…

It was a beautiful day, and while I kept to myself, as the other guests enjoyed the tour guides, and picnicking on the grounds, I found it an interesting walk/ride place to explore. Finished up with a bit of fudge and saltwater taffy. :0).

Worth the time to explore.. I’ll venture back another day for sure.

Hope you all have a brilliant day, full of peace and wellness! Thanks for visiting0)



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