Morning all! Just wanted to write a quick post to feel connected to you all! How are things going in your world today? Are the majority of you welcoming in Spring? I say it’s fun (and beautiful) driving my big rig around the mid-Atlantic coastal areas and watching spring gradually run up the coast!

Still thriving as a Walmart Private Fleet Tractor Trailer driver, enjoying the work life balance as well as the atmosphere and compensation. I had the blessing of visiting with my pet rescue friend Robin the other day (while on home time) and FINALLY got to ride her Ferris Wheel. It was on a visit I was making to New River gorge in West Virginia. Long ride from my spot, but by seeing Robin made the day outstanding.

The New River Gorge bridge is a national park and preserve, and with it’s extreme altitude and length, it boasts a labeling for it’s grandness in “the western hemisphere”. Wow.

Well, it’s my Birthday Month and I already received a birthday dinner, I’m going to lunch today and I have a Hot Air Balloon ride booked for the last weekend in April. FUN, Fun, fun! Early next month (May) are two of my friends’ birthdays!

Hope you had a lovely Easter, and are enjoying lots of God’s blessings and joys this month. I really wish each one of you the joys of this earth, as there are sooooooo many. Please choose to look at those for more of your days than all the muck.

The farm is still the bestestest ever serene spot with calming views that never end….

Sending love, blessings, and light to you.

Best, -JJ



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