Local Foodie Days… Yum!

Local Foodie Days… Yum!

Howdy Y’all! Hoping all are thriving in your endeavors of late. If you are not, I pray you draw on your inner strengths to get you through. we’ve all been through tough times and joyous times throughout our life, and done an amazing job so far living up to the best of the best. I believe we all find different ways to cope with the ebbs and flows that we go through. I encourage patience above all else and to let others be the people they need to be. If objectionable or toxic, I have learned to remove myself from the situation, as opposed to the possibly draining aspect of hoping another conforms to my beliefs, after all, what works in my life may be totally contrary in another’s life, right? That approach and view may not work for all, but it works for me. How do you cope?

Well, I’m full of abundant gratitude of God’s glorious gifts on my “Off 3” truck rotational driving schedule (on 6 / off 3). The home-time has been filled with so many blessings, and always having a 3 day weekend is awesome for me. I have been admiring the spring roll in and seeing all the animal births in so many farmlands near and far; Foals, baby cows of all sorts, baby goats of all sorts, and more… What a delight!

I enjoyed a birthday lunch with my friend Sarah at a local spot called The Depot Grille. We ate in the atrium room and enjoyed the daylight, views, and sun shining on the antique train cars in their yard. While the French Dip meal I ordered was a bit dry to me, and the meat tougher than desired, the fries were *perfect* and I had room for a birthday dessert! Conversation was great and the unappealing meal didn’t even weigh on my mind at all. The Grille removed the entrée from our bill, which was very cool of them, and added a small birthday candle to my Ghirardelli Brownie A la Mode dessert :0). I also showed Sarah the newly received photo album I designed and had printed (see video clip below) and she loved it. I admit I love it also! (haha)

I had gotten to the restaurant early and walked around the nearby train station a bit – something I’ve been trying to get a ride on but struggling to find the correct site to get tickets, as there is no kiosk or train booth at the actual station.

My second day was chores, etc. but my treasured third day started with a walk at a local park: Gypsy Hill Park. A suggestion from Sarah, which was great with today’s weather! I had a 4th of July picnic there last year; we had grilled out at one of the picnic tables, it was fun.

I then googled for a local eatery for a breakfast treat, and found another *perfect* spot! Named: Serendipity Java Bar. It was right next to the train station! Not being a coffee drinker, I enjoyed a deliciously fresh baked scone and artistically prepared latte! I ate there and I got to see the train arrive! Lovely little java joint and I will be back there for sure! I loved the artistic and vintage décor and perfectly soothing music that dotted the interior rooms.

Lunch was a very flavorful Shrimp Po’ Boy from another local eatery called The Fishin’ Pig. I can tell this place was a ‘hot spot’ for many repeat customers. My friend Kristin suggested it, but since she was headed out of town this weekend, I just had to go anyway, lol. I had just mentioned the other day about a yearning for a good Shrimp Po’ Boy, so when I had seen the menu, knew I had to stop in and was thoroughly impressed with the flavor, lovely light breading, remoulade sauce and sweet potato fries! I brought back some take out for Ella – hehe.

Another stop of the day was to order a custom/fancy birthday cake from a local and highly rated bakery called Magdalena’s downtown. I have for many years craved an orange flavored cake with chocolate filling and I placed the order this morning! It will be lavender buttercream icing and have a camera on it, plus other décor. The baker I spoke with assured me they will do ‘their thing’, lol. I’m looking forward to that very much! I almost got one in 2018, but the opportunity passed by… Five years later the cake is ordered and we shall enjoy it here at the farm next weekend! I can’t wait to see it! And taste it!

Lastly for this post was a stop to a visually stunning local cemetery: Thornrose Cemetery. The stonework is what attracted me to this location I had passed a few times. Since it was so beautiful today, I stopped off for a few minutes for a short walk and explore.

Do you guys have favorite eateries, parks, or activities in your area? Places that just resonate and fill you with joy and peace? Maybe even restore your energy and zest for life and friends and encouragement? I feel so blessed today, and hope to draw on these memories when I hit my next inevitable time of tribulation.

These things I have spoken to you, that in Me you may have peace. In the world you will have tribulation; but be of good cheer, I have overcome the world.”

John 16:33

Blessings, Love and Light to you all, and your friends and families…

Peace unto you,




  1. Robin

    Looks like so much fun!!! I love just hanging out with no particular agenda!!! We rode Amtrak from Thurmond to The Greenbrier. Wasn’t my cup of tea but it was something I had never done before. Glad u had a happy and blessed birthday weekend 💗💗

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