How are all my friends this morning? And how are your friends — family? I hope all can find something to smile about today – even if you are going through tough times, or heartbreaking times, my wish for you is to smile at something today.

In The States, our launch into summer (so to speak) started with the Memorial Day weekend at the end of May.

I enjoyed my birthday month (April) and I have a list of activities and such that I am planning to embark on this summer. Not sure yet what June will bring, but had rescheduled my Hot Air Balloon ride due to weather, (Now July 1st), and I have an awesomely vintage Local Train Ride booked for July 28th. The rest of the list rambles on with local Polo Matches, Horseback Trail Riding, Zip lining, and much more…

And for you?!?

What is your list of fun tings to accomplish during the warm weather? Please share, as finding fun and new stuff to learn-do-and-enjoy is a tough list to dream up on one’s own!

New Hobbies!?

I’m also searching for a new hobby… I’ve ruled out jewelry making so far… haha! Waaaaaaaaay too many little parts for me. My local library has these kits we can check out that have enough basic items or tools for a hobby to enable borrowers to explore, without needing to invest $ for said exploration! What an amazingly generous concept. My friend Sarah passed the word on to me about it. Seemed the jewelry making kit I checked out was brand new. After surveying the kit’s contents and notions, I planned on making a pair of earrings, but discovered my passion was not there for managing all the little parts and hand tools.

I had also stopped at the local music store to inquire about music lessons – considered learning the Saxophone (Alto Sax) — or Drumming (Rhythm/African based drumming – not Drum kits like youths play in a band) … not sure since arthritis is a factor in my fingers, but won’t know if I don’t check into it!

I’m downsizing again since I enjoy minimalist living way too much to accumulate things I’m not using often, and with the uptake of a new (to be determined) hobby, I’m retiring my art and photo stuff. Salvation Army has been a big recipient of my accumulated arts stuffs. Lol.

Okay hope all enjoy something today. Most especially each other and the joys of friendships.

cheers to all,



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