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  Jo Lynn “Artsy JJ” Kelley
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♥Pawsitively Inspired by Pet Rescue♥

Artist/Pilot/Trucker/Creator: You will almost always find this artist has a camera within arms length.  Purses? Nope.  Photo Bag? Yep. Does it often look like she’s traveling? Definitely.  The Cross-Country Drive of 2016 (MD–>CA–>VA) didn’t even approach the 39,000 miles logged in 2019.  From Swamps of Louisiana to Mountains of Tennessee, to Beaches of Virginia, and lots of terrain in-between.  She carries her drone fleet, DSLR, smart phones, tablet, mobile editing apps, laptop, expansion hard drives, automobile power inverter, and her co-pilot “Roxie”.  Come March of 2020, you will find her driving a Big Rig Tractor/Trailer or Tractor/Tanker OTR (Over-the-Road)! Catch up and subscribe to her Blog Posts and her YouTube channel (@JJ Artsy)


She paints (acrylics) a wide variety of subjects on leather jackets, vests, purses, wood, canvas, spare tire covers, vehicle dashboards, & other, featuring Pets, Motorcycles, Aircraft, Animals, Scripture, Hobbies, Cars, Sports Themes, and more.

Photography Stock Images:

Instant downloads plus order wall & desk art to donate to local animal rescues, shelters and sanctuaries for their fund raisers. (You purchase and donate to them, they auction off to raise funds.)

Aerial Photography:

Licensed for commercial sUAS (drone) flights, she does Real Estate, Construction, and Promotional Videos

Corporate Services:

Employee Engagement, Excel Financial Modeling, Procedure Documentation, Process Improvements – all in this wheel-house, with over 15 years of proven and award achieving high-level Corporate America track record.

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