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I am giving my presence on both FineArt & on a facelift in fall of 2022!

I have a small collection of select works hosted on FineArt

  • FineArt America is a shopping gallery where artists all over the world upload art in assorted media types, and buyers can purchase several different types of Wall Art and Photo Gifts. Out of the bazillions of images there, someone once purchased a dog painting of mine to be printed on a beach towel!  FineArt America handles all aspects of commerce, and I earn a small royalty for any of my images used.  In the fall of 2022, I will be uploading a lot more images to my page there!

I use to host the bulk of my works.

  • You can download images there and use them per the personal use copyright guidelines.  Commercial licenses are welcome – please email me directly for those download files and releases. (

Stock Photo Galleries on SmugMug

Select Imagery on FineArt

At my galleries you will be able to view/purchase:

  1. Instant Downloads –
  2. Wall Art – FineArt America
  3. Desk Art – FineArt America
  4. Greeting Cards – Both sites
  5. Novelty/Keepsakes & More! – Fine Art America

Thank you for enjoying and supporting my Art!



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