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Consider Purchasing my Art to donate to your favorite organizations so they can use in fundraisers! It’s a WIN WIN WIN… You get the donation write off, the organizations get the fundraising assistance and I get to keep making more and more items for this circle of giving!


Purchase these cards and donate them to your rescue orgs and shelters so they can hand these out in their adoption kits.  It is an invaluable message of encouragement and I’m personally convinced these will help preserve and solidify each and every adoption!

Adoption Awareness Cards 50-pack SALE! $5 off!

Pack of 50. Purchase and donate these cards to local shelters or I can drop ship to your favorite organization. Please also select the $7 USPS Flat Rate shipping when you check out.



2. Transporter Car Door Magnet Sets:

Each set of 2 measure 10×10, and you can order to color coordinate to your vehicle.  Great gift for your fellow transporters – these command attention while on the road and also offer up wonderful conversation starters to promote awareness to the rewards of volunteer transporting!

10×10 Transporter Car Magnet (pair) NOW $5.00 OFF!

Please tell me color choice or design mods you may like. Please select the USPS Priority envelope shipping before you check out.


0LR-Rescue Car Magnet - Purple

3. JJ’s Pet-Art in Note Cards:

There’s nothing better these days then to receive a piece of mail that is not solicitous!  imagine the joy of the recipient…  Plus these are Eco-Friendly and framable in a 5×7 standard frame!  Also consider purchasing and donating sets to your local rescues for their fund-raisers!

4. **Very Popular! JJ’s Pet Transport Kit Tote Bag

I fill mine with a sturdy sided cardboard to enhance longevity and easier to find stuff quickly.  As a transporter, we all should have this “Go-Bag” stocked and ready in a flash to grab and go in any emergency.  Periodically check your bag for contents, to be sure it remains stocked with the essentials!  The front design can be changed to promote any organization or even customized with your favorite pet photos (additional charge may apply)

Transport Kit Tote bag SALE! $5 off!

Heavy Duty Two-tone Canvas Specify Custom Front Panel if desired. Please select USPS Priority envelope shipping before you check out.


5. JJ’s ArtisTee’s!

Choose from any of JJ’s images to create unique Tee’s – this is another very popular choice to purchase and donate to rescues for their fundraising!  Custom text available – for FREE!

ArtisTEE — SALE $5.00 Off!

Choose from my catalog of Painted Images or Fine Art images. Specify image number, T-Size, and any custom text. Short Sleeve/White. Please select USPS Priority envelope shipping before you check out. Thank you!


6.  Custom Pet Bandannas!

I’ve been doing these for a while ::::love::::  these are custom designed one-offs – If you would like a large run printed for a certain shelter/organization, please let me know.  I can design it and get them ordered and drop shipped!

Custom Pet Bandanna

“TOP DOG”, “SELF Ap-Pointered Kiss-Master”, lots more… Please choose USPS Priority mailer before you check out



Shipping Priority Envelope (9×12) Flat Rate Ship (US)

If it fits in a priority Flat Rate Envelope, Done!