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Stonewall Country Horse Show II Jan 30-Feb 2, 2020

Stonewall – Saturday, February 1st East Complex Photo Gallery

Stonewall Country Horse Show I Jan 15-19, 2020

Stonewall – Saturday, Jan 18th East Complex Photo Gallery

Stonewall – Sunday, Jan 19th East Complex Photo Gallery

SWVHJA 31st Anniversary Horse Show Nov 7-10, 2019

SWVHJA – Saturday, Nov 9th East Complex Photo Gallery

SWVHJA – Sunday, Nov 10th East Complex Photo Gallery

King Family Vineyards: Polo Match Jul 15, 2018

Polo – July 15, 2018

J BAR Ranch: Rodeo July 4, 2015

Rodeo – July 4th 2015

Summit Point Track: Motorbike Races June 28, 2015

Motorbike & Sidecars – Jun 28, 2015


Notes to Remember:

Please notice: Gallery images tend to be lower resolution proofs, allowing you to inspect details and expressions that may be important to you when selecting final images for printing / downloading.  Final images will undergo thorough editing to include color and lighting corrections, and cropped to properly display in the sizes you order.

Thank you again for the opportunity to bring amazing images to you and your family & friends!


JJ, Artist/Pilot/Creator

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