Canine Agility! WoW!

Canine Agility! WoW!

I enjoyed a few hours at a local venue (VA Horse Center) practicing snaps of a Canine Agility Competition.  What fun! From toy dogs to larger breeds (not St. Bernard/Great Dane large, but…) Some dogs were so-o-o-o fast! (Shelties and Border Collies tended to lean towards running “Mach II with their hair on fire”)* and some almost tippy-toed through courses.  This dynamic range brought applause, jovial laughter, and “Awww” ‘s from spectators. The interactions of the handlers with the dogs was just as fun and interesting.  I saw handlers stop their dogs literally on a dime even from full out speed! Then I saw a few [fondly used term] rebels (the dogs) just uber-excited and a wee bit distracted, and their handlers grew sad that they weren’t in sync with their pooches, yet still happy at the chance to have given it a try. ♥

Here are some of my favorite “larger breed” captures from the day :0)

Here are some of my favorite “smaller” & toy breed captures from the event:

Let me treat you to a couple of video clips, also!  Wow, right!!??!!

The video clips are from my iphone Xs.

Hope you enjoyed these!

Love and Clix,



*”Mach II with their hair on fire”: A reference from the very popular 80’s movie Top Gun, describing the Top Gun Pilots. And YES! enthusiasts of Top Gun; Top Gun II is anticipated for a June 26 2020 release date!

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