About the Artist


JJ Kelley

Currently residing in VA, JJ works in Corporate America, is passionate about art (painting), photography, and volunteering.  Her current off-the-clock time includes volunteering in pet rescue efforts, caring for her beardie (“Soulireon”), boating on Lake Anna, blogging, and designing events & workshops for her recently formed photography club (“LKA Shooters”).

She paints a wide variety of subjects on leather jackets, vests, purses, wood, canvas, spare tire covers, vehicle dashboards, & other, featuring Pets, Motorcycles, Aircraft, Animals, Scripture, Hobbies, Cars, Sports Themes, and more.

She is currently launching a fund-raising effort with her photo club, which mixes photography fun (not contingent on skill level or fancy photo equipment) in the form of a 50/50 Style Photo Treasure Hunt.  It is a timed event with a list of “treasures” worth points, and bonus points. Participants take pictures of the treasures on the list as their entries for scoring. Donations are pooled and split 50% to the high-score winner, and 50% to animal rescue shelters and other pet rescue efforts nationwide.  See Photo Club “LKA Shooters” on FaceBook for details and to participate!

JJ is also a relay transport Animal Rescue driver, registered with www.Doobert.com, and very actively assisting the launch of some volunteer photographer initiatives with that group.