About the Artist


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JJ Kelley

Currently residing in VA, JJ is passionate about art (painting), photography, and volunteering.  Her current off-the-clock time includes volunteering in a variety of pet rescue efforts, photo expeditions, boating on Lake Anna, blogging, and more recently sUAS piloting.  A new member of AMA (Academy of Model Aeronautics), she has recently acquired her Airman’s Certificate with Remote Pilot rating, and continues to spend time building her flight and cinematography skills with her sUAS fleet.  The 3 main quadcopters are named “Matisse”, “BlueJay” and “9-OH-1”.

She also paints (acrylics) a wide variety of subjects on leather jackets, vests, purses, wood, canvas, spare tire covers, vehicle dashboards, & other, featuring Pets, Motorcycles, Aircraft, Animals, Scripture, Hobbies, Cars, Sports Themes, and more.

Visit the Fine Art pages on this site for current collections of her fine art for sale, and pet paintings for purchase (and commissioned) where part of the sales price goes to pet rescues nationwide.  Better yet, visit one of the open houses listed for 2019 to see a wide selection of art printed and matted for sale, as well as the studio for portraits of families and pets.

Now armed with her commercial Drone Pilot’s license, she is reaching out to local area Law, Fire, Rescue, K9’s in an effort to learn how she can assist rescue efforts with the use of drone technologies.  Her current fleet of 3 drones are all registered with the FAA, and she can fly under the US DOT FAA Title 14 CFR, Part 107 flight regulations.  Her goals are to add Infrared/Thermal Imagery Intelligence to her drone fleet during 2019. Read up (by CLICKING HERE) on how she obtained her commercial license, and be sure to follow her journey of learning and refining her skills as she explores the niche’s of sUAS Imagery. I’m as curious as you are to see what types of services she ends up focusing on!

JJ is also a relay transport Animal Rescue driver, registered with www.Doobert.com, and very actively assisting the launch of some volunteer photographer initiatives with that group.