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My Feb ’19 Doobert BlogPost

Okay here’s this month’s Volunteer Photographer’s Blog post on Doobert :0) CLICK HERE Cheers! JJ

Dog Paintings Collection

My current Dog Paintings Collection.  Order Tees, Mugs, Prints, Mouse Pads, Posters, Blankets, Notebooks; you name it, I can order it.  Some of these Canvas Originals are still in my studio and available for sale! Sizes 8×10, 11×14, 16×20.  

Doxie Dash: Up 81

Well, Saturday was my 2nd transport of the year.  This was a “Doxie Dash” a friendly term for runs of dachsunds… lol.  We had 2 seniors Angel (the blonde) and Dash (the almost Australian Sheppard colored one), plus Rolo hitched a ride also!  Rolo…

My January Doobert BlogPost!

Hello!  Well my January Doobert-site Blogpost published on the 7th please check it out, like it, and dance a little diddy while you’re at it. :0) Click the link here:  My January BlogPost As always — thank you all for your continued support….

Happy New Year!

Welcome to 2019!  I am looking forward to another extremely blessed year filled with opportunities to share my art in different ways! I continue to pursue Animal Rescue Photography ideas with (and for)! Latest is a little video snip promoting the Hand-Off Captures…

My November Doobert Blog Installment

Still enjoying the honor of submitting Blogs monthly for!  Here is my November post:   JJ’s November Blog Post on   Cheers, JJ

December Doobert Blog Installment

I was honored to be asked to contribute a monthly Blog posting on!  Here is my December posting.  Enjoy and Bless you all. JJ’s December Blog on   Cheers, JJ

Video Photo Stories for Doobert!

Video Photo Story of DBT5936 (Deuce) Video Photo Story of DBT5884 (Betty & Gracie)   Well, I’ve got a sort of format going now for these Video Photo Stories that I’m making for  Chris and Rachael have been very supportive with feedback and…

Latest Video Photo-Story (rescues)

Well, as some of you may know I’ve been spending some extra energy on helping launch a couple of photo components with Chris Roy & Rachael at is an online tool that connects Rescues & Shelters with all sorts  of volunteers nation…

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Fine Art Sales and Blogs from JJ Kelley - Artist/Photographer

Fine Art Sales and Blogs from JJ Kelley - Artist/Photographer

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Fine Art Sales and Blogs from JJ Kelley - Artist/Photographer