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January 2019

  1.  Studying and attending Aeronautical Ground School for my Part 107 compliant Airman’s Certificate.  FAA 14 CFR § 107) governs commercial sUAS piloting, and my goal is to pass the Remote Pilot test issued by the FAA.
  2. Community Outreach progresses – so far participated in 2 Animal Rescue relay transports in January, both driving and taking pix.  Also fellow volunteers are enjoying the car door magnets I designed for when I drive on transports.
  3. Also met with Fluvanna County SPCA (Palmyra/Troy, VA) to volunteer photography and cinematography services to help their adoption efforts.

December 2018

  1. I donated some of my select matted art to Spotsy Christ Church Thrift Store!  Scriptures, Sayings, and Local Area Attractions.  Matted  4×6’s, 5×7’s and 8×10’s.  At time of drop off, they were going to leave the basket of art on the check out counter.  Purchase my art at deep discounts that completely benefit the mission of the Church!

November 2018

  1. Placed Several pieces of Lake Anna Art at the Lake Anna Visitor’s Center on consignment! Matted photographs, Notecards, and Postcards.
  2. Completed more Animal Rescue videos – check out my Blogs Page and search by “VIDEOS” or “Doobert Photo Stories”

October 2018

  1. Held Open House here in my Studio in Mineral , VA.  Photo club member visited!
  2. Continued developing Hand-off Captures test phases for–  Read about it here
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Fine Art Sales and Blogs from JJ Kelley - Artist/Photographer

Fine Art Sales and Blogs from JJ Kelley - Artist/Photographer

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Fine Art Sales and Blogs from JJ Kelley - Artist/Photographer

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