Rescue/Shelter Services

Animal rescue is a passion of mine.  I volunteer regularly as an Animal Rescue and Relay Transport Driver.  Integrated with my photography, content writing abilities, and outside the box thinking, consider booking me as your dedicated photographer/video/social media adoption listings poster.  

Social Media Page Listings

I can be booked as your regular all-inclusive contributor (Local shelters) or as your virtual contributor (using your photography) if you are not in a nearby area.  Working within your organizational budget, I have unique and creative ideas that I will deploy.  Having a driven and always outside-the-proverbial-box thinking capability will only enhance the enthusiasms surrounding your campaigns.  I’m convinced that I can increase your exposure, draws, and traffic and help move pets to fur-ever homes quicker, by combining your ideas with my photo, art, and creative-engagement skills.  Let’s get these fur-babies adopted, rescuing people and animals at the same time! We all know that one is always left to wonder “Who Rescued Who?”

  1. We can do slide-show featurettes for your social media campaigns.
  2. By booking me a regular contributor, you can assure some consistency and fluidity to some thematic style postings.
    1. We can develop a rate plan and service plan that is very dynamic and grows alongside itself!
  3. We can do Team Engagement promos featuring staff & volunteers.
    1. This tool can be used to generate new pools of volunteers!  And supporters!
  4. With my strong Team Engagement and Corporate Background, You can book me to help design and coordinate events as well.

Promo Pieces!

I designed these promo pieces to put into adoption awareness kits and also display at events!  I encourage buyers to purchase and donate them to shelters, rescues.  PLEASE promote this invaluable tool!  They are blank on the backs so that you can stamp with your information, stickers, and message.  I’m CONVINCED these will help promote and increase permanent, successful placements with less overwhelmed adopters fearing their only alternative is to return dogs, out of sheer fear, and unknowingly high expectations.  Let’s help support them when we aren’t around, with this reminder they can tack up on their fridge.

Supporting Link for purchases!  (Please repost on your site/FB Page)


I also paint!

I’m encouraging people, through my website to purchase my art and donate it to local shelters for fund raisers!  You can help by promoting my art as well — and PLEASE DO!