Animal Rescue Efforts

BlueJ Imagery Fosters an all-inclusive atmosphere where all are invited to Teach & Learn.  We write a monthly Photo-Tips Blog post for our favorite Rescue organization: Select “My Doobert Blogs!” from the categories menu to view those blog posts

We design

“Volunteer Bling” to help volunteers remain safe on the roads and promote rescue awareness

We produce

Video Photo-Stories (and are in need of volunteers to help in that area!) which document the happiness of an animal transport experience.

We get out on the road and participate in Rescue Relay Transports.  These transports are mostly all-volunteer routes that move rescued animals all over the nation.  A “relay” is just like the traditional use of the word – an animal may be pulled from a Kill-shelter in one state and move across the country to a rescue or foster that will help find them a fur-ever home.  Or pulled from an over-loaded shelter to a less loaded shelter, OR even deliveries to fur-ever homes! The transport can be made of upwards of 20 legs sometimes and span 2/3 days, or even span 2 weekends with host-er in-between.  It’s exciting and rewarding volunteering contributions!

We publish

How-To videos to help encourage and spark ideas for volunteers both new and seasoned.

Partner up

with JJ to spark ideas and to reach out to the rescue community – there are endless ways you can donate as little or as much time, skills, and passions to such an amazing cause.

You can’t buy love, but, you can rescue it! ♥