Pet Express Care

We all know you haven’t enough time in the day! Family, Children, Home, Office, Wife, Husband, Errands…. and of course the PETS!

Do the doggies need to go play during the day? Let me bring your pet to the local pet park for an hour! They get energy release, you get some mental peace knowing they are not bored/neglected up to who-knows-what at home.

Need to bring your pet to the vet? Taking off from work is tough to coordinate. Let me run your pet to the vet appointment! I’ll do the waiting and provide you with a documented report/video of what the Veterinarian says. Send me with your questions, or even Skype directly with the Doc from your office while we are in the appointment so you can ask direct questions!

Do your pets need an over-nighter? I am an experienced Animal Rescue Transporter who has hosted numerous dogs and cats on overnights during rescues. We all cringe when we need to board a pet, yes? I’m not able to foster, but if you need longer than an overnight, I can pet sit in your home.