Business Solutions

I offer consulting on a wide range of business solutions for corporate and small business applications.  Jobs can be booked as Fixed Price or as Hourly, depending.

If your organization is looking for a fresh approach, please reach out to me.  My background of 15 years in corporate project accounting equips me with quite a diverse skill set.  Key areas of accomplishments are:

  • Nominated for Heroines of Washington Industry Award for exemplifying community service above, and outside of, any corporate requirements.
  • Designing several MS Excel reporting summary tools, forecast models, which were adopted by the CFO and implemented division-wide as reviewing tools for upper management.
  • Received Company Award for Excellence for excellent customer dedication to both internal and external customers, responsiveness, and can-do attitude.


Employing expert level knowledge of Excel, I frequently design automated processes, financial models, forecasting tools all of which are adopted by CFO level, VP Level, and Program Level teams, alongside streamlining numerous processes and documenting procedures.  Being met with resistance to change, or met with limited thinkers who are convinced there is ‘no better way’, I always persevere, as I am an ‘outside of the box’ thinker, and subscribe to a ‘yes it can be done’ approach.



Consistently designing Employee Engagement activities, with an all-inclusive, recognition-based, active approach.  I designed and hand crafted an “Angry Birds” Toss game.  Also designed, hand-made and constructed a Pseudo Mini-Golf Range Challenge, Various other uplifts to the offices include designing (both hand-drawn and CAD designed) Jigsaw Puzzles for staff groups to engage with during down times and breaks.  These are only but a few of the many ideas I initiated over the course of 15 years in corporate america.


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