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Life comes full circle sometimes.  There’s no denying I was made to do art.  I did a stint in Corporate America for roughly 15 years, but I had my own studio back even in the 90’s (in New Jersey!) It was print film days, and digital was just on the brink of becoming a staple.  I’ve shot more weddings than I ever care to remember (hehe).  I developed over those years a unique approach to portraiture that often made even uncomfortable subjects end up surprised that they enjoyed the sitting.  I ran specials every year for “Christmas Card Photos” and the kids all had a lot of fun with my set-ups! (me too!)

I do not shoot events any longer; only Portraiture, Fine Art, and Aerial Imagery.  I always try to bring some cutting edge creativity and fun in this digital age.  There’s my segway to the ChromaKey Photography I do. 😉

ChromaKey Photography Services.

In everyday terms, this is shooting against a green screen, so the subject(s) can be placed in any type of background… the Creative Options are limitless.


Traditional Portraiture

I have about a dozen other studio backdrops to shoot more traditional portraiture as well.

Business Graphic Design Services

I had the pleasure of designing some posters for a local gym. This was a full service package where I did the entire content writing, layout, design, and shot 2 of the 3 portraits.

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Fine Art Sales and Blogs from JJ Kelley - Artist/Photographer

Fine Art Sales and Blogs from JJ Kelley - Artist/Photographer

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Fine Art Sales and Blogs from JJ Kelley - Artist/Photographer

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