Video Photo Stories for Doobert!

Video Photo Stories for Doobert!

Video Photo Story of DBT5936 (Deuce)

Video Photo Story of DBT5884 (Betty & Gracie)


Well, I’ve got a sort of format going now for these Video Photo Stories that I’m making for  Chris and Rachael have been very supportive with feedback and tips.  I now use instrumental music from YouTube Library!  (Thanks Chris), and I’m making Collages to group photos together to keep the overall video about 3 minutes in length.  Those are all done in Photoshop prior to importing into the slideshow software. kind of grouping all into the legs, so the story flows a bit.  So, basically, the videos now will

  • Start with an intro slide telling the Animal names,
  • Have a little map of the travel route,
  • Have collages of driver’s pix grouped by legs (can be multiple legs in 1 slide),
  • Hopefully each transport will also have some live video of the animals to splice in to keep it interesting,
  • Then an intro slide about the Doobert Volunteer Photographers,
  • A slide of their professional photos,
  • Scrolling credits of all the drivers names, the rescuing orgs, the adopters, the transport org, the TC’s, the photographers, the editor,
  • And wrap it up with a “all brought to you by DOOBERT!”

Here are the last two videos specially requested by Rusty @ Liberty Ride Transport – Happy Tails.  It was a good test for engaging photo volunteers.  Chris is helping his developers script some sign-up functionality on the Doobert site for the photographers to be able to sign up similar to how drivers sign up.  Then we gotta roll-out the effort (It’s called “Hand-Off Captures”) and help the photographers understand how that piece works.  We are developing the guidelines now, and I see this probably rolling out in late Q1 of 2019.

Cheers All!

Jo Lynn


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