Doxie Dash: Up 81

Doxie Dash: Up 81

Well, Saturday was my 2nd transport of the year.  This was a “Doxie Dash” a friendly term for runs of dachsunds… lol.  We had 2 seniors Angel (the blonde) and Dash (the almost Australian Sheppard colored one), plus Rolo hitched a ride also!  Rolo just had a procedure, plus he was a bit scared, so in order to help keep him comfortable and safe, he was in in a carrier for the duration of the relay.  We were asked not to take him out of the carrier.  It was a single day 8-leg transport, and I felt bad for the little fella, but he slept all the while that the car was moving.

As for Angel and Dash, they are inseparable more senior aged dogs that were an owner surrender, they were pudgie little buggers, and Angel had some sutures on her paw and backside. 🙁   When they arrived to me Dash’s harness was around his butt practically, so since I carry extra harnesses, leashes and slip leads ALWAYS in my transport kit, Transporter Ed and I worked to get the new sets of harnesses and leads onto Angel and Dash.  Only Dash needed it but since they were a “pair” and since I had two sets, they were both sent forward with brand new beautiful red outfits. :0)  Ed was the awesome Retired Military in the blue sweatshirt with the two by the red Fire Hydrant 🙂

Anyway, they made it safely from Dee all the way to Janet on Saturday.  The transport org was my gal Rusty at Liberty Ride Transport – Happy Tails.  The rescuing org was Almost Home Dachsund Rescue Org  and of course our esteemed connecting org was yet again

Enjoy the photos; they are more limited than usual due to refitting the harnesses in such cold weather, But did the best I could.

Ed was excited to order a set of the car door magnets also – You can find those here on my VOLUNTEER BLING page – all sorts of colors available to coordinate to your vehicle.  I don’t mark those up for volunteers, coz face it we’re all in this together! and I’m just ecstatic that my art can bless others who give so much of themselves in volunteer work.

Enjoy the photos!


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